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Petition To Jail Men Who Abused Bulldog In Graphic Video Goes Online

Two British men filmed themselves brutally abusing the family bulldog Baby were given suspended sentences and now a petition is circulating online to force them to do jail time.

The Change.org petition asks the British Prime Minister to examine the two men’s sentences and urges the PM to take action against them.

In the video one of the men repeatedly throws the family dog down a flight of stairs, pile drives her into the ground and stands on her with his full weight.

The dog was put to sleep three months after the video; she was paralyzed after losing the use of her back legs.

Watch the video and then sign the petition here.

Increasing Number Of UFO Sightings Raises Questions About Alien Life

An increase in the number of UFO sightings and supposed extraterrestrial communities has alien aficionados claiming the spring equinox is attracting non-human visitors from space.

Recently, an image purported to be a UFO was caught on film hovering over skies in St. Petersburg causing alien aficionados to question Russia’s relationship with extraterrestrials.

Another UFO was spotted landing at the bottom of a Las Vegas mountain while NASA astronaut Scott Kelly may have admitted to seeing aliens during an exit interview after spending almost a year in space.

Republicans Threaten Planned Parenthood’s Funding After Shocking Videos

A series of videos by anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal body parts has Congressional Republicans hopping mad.

The video shows an interview with a Denver doctor and a phlebotomist who draws blood for clinical tests.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans have started to call for a defunding of the group saying taxpayer money can be better spent.

So far 24 Senators have signed on to cosponsor the bill, but it remains without any Democratic support.

To read the full story check out the Inquisitr

Man punches toddler in the face, viral video leads to arrest

A Bakersfield man was caught on tape punching a toddler in the face Thursday afternoon and he was in jail by midnight after the video went viral.

In the video the man can be seen chasing the toddler around the store before hitting him so hard he was knocked to the floor.

The video was posted on Facebook and the police asked for the public’s support in catching the man. By midnight, he was in jail.

Watch the video at the Inquisitr