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Concept Space Train Could Travel To Mars In Days

A concept spacecraft designed to carry humans and cargo from Earth to Mars in mere days could help mankind colonize the stars, but there’s just one problem: it never stops.

The most expensive part of space is when the craft speeds up and slows down so the space train is designed to keep moving. To reach it, travelers would launch from nearby space stations and catch up to the train in order to board.

The concept vehicle was designed as part of a larger space travel network to help mankind colonize the stars.

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Best Summer Road Trips Ranked By State

Looking for the best place to spend July 4th or the family vacation. Join the rest of the country and hit the open road this summer to soak in those scenic views. 85 percent of Americans will travel by car this summer and with gas prices dropping there’s no better time.

Two new studies rank the nation’s best road trips and July 4th destinations for the savvy financially conscious family traveler.

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San Francisco Bay Bridge Might Fall Down

The San Francisco Bay Bridge has been developing cracks from seawater in its structural and support rods causing some engineers to question its stability.

The new eastern span of the bridge was designed as lifeline to quickly reopen after an earthquake and supply the city with emergency relief. The cracked support rods, however, bring into question wether the bridge will even be standing after a large quake.

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