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The Next Solar Storm Could Destroy Civilization If We Don’t Build A Magnetic Shield

The sun occasionally erupts in solar storms that wreak havoc with electronics here on Earth and the White House has ordered the creation of a disaster plan to protect vital systems from destruction.

A French scientist doesn’t think that will be enough to protect the planet, however, and he’s calling on the spacefaring nations of the world to build a massive magnetic shield.

Solar storms that strike the Earth can knock out the computers and communications equipment we have come to depend on in the modern age.

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Scientists Spot Second Star With Possible Dyson Sphere

Out in the far reaches of space there lies an alien star that has been bewildering scientists since early this year because of the strange variations in its brightness levels and its tendency to dim inexplicably.

Now, they’ve found a second star that exhibits the same strange behavior. Months ago researchers floated several theories about why the strange star was dimming, but none of the answers seemed to fit.

Now, they’ve think they’ve find the answer and it has nothing to do with aliens.

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U.S. Under Heat Warning With High Pressure Heat Dome Covering Country

High temperature weather warnings have been issued for most of the continental U.S. this weekend, and Americans from coast to coast can expect to suffer through triple digit blazing heat for the next four days.

Meteorologists across the country are predicting temperatures 10 to 15 degrees hotter than normal, which is bad news for firefighters on the West Coast.

In California, the sand fire burning just north of Los Angeles has already consumed 11,000 acres while on the East Coast residents are facing damaging thunder storms and dangerous winds.

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New Study Says San Andreas Fault Affected By Moon And Sun Like Ocean Tides

The San Andreas Fault line has been rocking this week with small tremors being felt up and down Central California, but a new study suggests the moon’s gravitational pull could be making things worse.

The study suggests the same gravitational forces that are responsible for creating ocean waves can also move rock and stone.

That’s important for Californians who have been suffering through a series of small quakes that have affected the central part of the state this week.

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A Massive Solar Storm Could Send Us Back To The Stone Age

Our star, the sun, is currently going through a solar cycle that is creating a massive black spot on its surface, known as a coronal hole, and it’s expected to trigger solar storms that could wreak havoc with electronic systems here on Earth.

NASA isn’t worried about this storm, but the White House is concerned a larger storm could knock out Earth’s electronics, its power grids, rip a whole in the ozone and wipe out livestock and crops.

Last year the White House partnered with the National Science and Technology Council to establish a space weather monitoring system.

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Our Sun Is Being Covered By A Giant Black Spot

A NASA spacecraft orbiting the Earth has spotted a massive black hole growing on the surface of our sun, but despite some panicked reports, the national space agency promises that all is well.

The massive dark spot on the sun is an area of lower density than the rest of the star, which is why it appears darker; it’s a natural phenomenon that occurs sporadically.

Although most earthlings won’t be affected there is some danger to astronauts, pilots and GPS satellites.  The less dense area of the sun opens the sun to space which creates solar storms whose intense radiation tends to play havoc with electronics here on Earth.

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