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Should We Forget About Saving The Earth From Climate Change And Save Mankind Instead?

The Earth just passed a dangerous global warming benchmark from which there is allegedly no return. Now, some scientists say the planet is already doomed, and for humanity to survive, we need a Plan B.

Philosopher scientists James Lovelock, who established the Gaia theory 30 years ago, argues we should ditch the planet and save humanity.

Instead of focusing worldwide efforts on saving a doomed planet we could make more progress if we focused on preserving the species. If we gave up the idea of living on huge tracts of land, most humans could live inside climate controlled cities while others colonized space.

The most important thing is preserve the continuity of the species.

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Small Cubesat Satellites Test New Technology

The spacefaring nations of the world are competing with private companies to build an economy in orbit, colonize the moon and exploit resources from passing asteroids, but to reach other planets something more is needed.

That’s why NASA launched its Cube Quest competition to encourage students and amateur rocketeers to build very small satellites called cubesats to test new technology.

Amateur scientists are building small cubesats that can be powered by everything from water to the controversial EmDrive.

Competitors are starting to line up to build small EmDrive powered spacecraft to prove the “impossible warp drive” engine actually works.

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Queen Reaches For The Stars As Asteroid Named For Freddie Mercury

Thousands of mountain sized rocks float through outer space and occasionally some come near to striking the Earth as they fly through our atmosphere in a fiery blaze of glory known as a shooting star.

Astronomers named one these shooting stars after Queen front man Freddie Mercury on what would have been his 70th birthday.

The asteroid is about 2.2 miles across and hangs out near mercury, according to Queen guitarist Brian May who also holds a doctorate degree in astrophysics.

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Concept Space Train Could Travel To Mars In Days

A concept spacecraft designed to carry humans and cargo from Earth to Mars in mere days could help mankind colonize the stars, but there’s just one problem: it never stops.

The most expensive part of space is when the craft speeds up and slows down so the space train is designed to keep moving. To reach it, travelers would launch from nearby space stations and catch up to the train in order to board.

The concept vehicle was designed as part of a larger space travel network to help mankind colonize the stars.

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There’s Something Strange Going On Out Past Neptune And Astronomers Can’t Explain It

In the darkness of space, way out past Neptune at the edge of the solar system, there’s something really weird going on and it has astronomers scratching their heads and searching for an explanation.

The object is called Niku, Chinese for rebellious, and not only does it orbit the sun in a backwards motion, but it does so while at a weird angle to the rest of the solar system.

Astronomers have previously discovered objects in the Kuiper belt, at the extreme edge of the solar system, that have weird orbits, but Niku is too close to the sun for that.

So far, astronomers are unable to explain the trans-Neptunian object’s behavior.

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