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Developing Nations To Hitch A Ride On UN Space Mission

The United Nations will fly its first ever mission into space aboard Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser spaceplane in 2021 to give developing nations a chance to make it into orbit.

The space race is heating up and the UN is determined not to leave any country behind so they’re booking flight time on Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser spaceplane.

They’ll be taking payload submissions from member countries until 2018 and hope to find sponsors to finance the mission.

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For Sale: One International Space Station, NASA Seeks Commercial Buyer

NASA astronauts are going for a walk in space this week to install a new parking spot on the International Space Station, but in just a few years the agency plans to abandon the station.

As more commercial operators enter low Earth orbit the space agency is backing away from the ISS and diverting federal funds to its Journey to Mars planned for the 2030’s.

No word on who will be buying the space station, but the obvious choices would be SpaceX and Boeing although Elon Musk seems more intent on colonizing Mars.

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There’s Something Strange Going On Out Past Neptune And Astronomers Can’t Explain It

In the darkness of space, way out past Neptune at the edge of the solar system, there’s something really weird going on and it has astronomers scratching their heads and searching for an explanation.

The object is called Niku, Chinese for rebellious, and not only does it orbit the sun in a backwards motion, but it does so while at a weird angle to the rest of the solar system.

Astronomers have previously discovered objects in the Kuiper belt, at the extreme edge of the solar system, that have weird orbits, but Niku is too close to the sun for that.

So far, astronomers are unable to explain the trans-Neptunian object’s behavior.

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SpaceX Offering Small Satellite Companies A Lift Into Orbit With Ride-Sharing Rockets

Sometimes it’s hard for the little guy to get into orbit and that’s where SpaceX comes in.

SpaceX is selling ride-sharing space on its Falcon rockets and next year they plan on lifting 20 different spacecraft into orbit above Earth.

The rise in the small satellite market is helping SpaceX finance their mission to Mars, but its also creating a cry for a global space traffic control system.

As the private space transportation industry continues to expand the area known as low Earth orbit is quickly filling up with satellites and other spacecraft.

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NASA Needs Deep Space Habitats For Manned Mars Mission

NASA contracted six companies to design deep space habitats capable of housing astronauts during long-haul missions to Mars and beyond this week.

The habitats will be built here on Earth where NASA can test them to make sure they meet the needs of astronauts in deep space. Eventually they’ll be deployed on the moon and then later on Mars.

The project totals $65 million and is part of NASA’s private-public partnership Next-STEP.

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