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New Theory Says Moon Was Created By Planetary Collision

Scientists have been studying moon rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo astronauts for years, but to understand their true place in the universe, researchers needed technology that wasn’t available until recently.

After studying the rocks, researchers discovered the moon is made of material found here on Earth and other alien material that must have come from a celestial body crashing into our planet.

The explosion would have created a massive dust cloud, which eventually coalesced into our moon.

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Company Plans New Space Based Economy With Reusable Rockets

Instead of planning to build a city on Mars, one SpaceX competitor is building cargo trucks to ferry supplies into orbit above Earth in a new space-based economy employing thousands of people.

The United Launch Alliance is building reusable rockets to ferry cargo into space where the supplies can be traded to companies mining valuable resources from the moon and passing asteroids.

The ULA reusable rocket is different from the one used by SpaceX, however. While SpaceX reuses the first stage of the rocket, ULA plans to reuse the second, the piece that normally carries the cargo to its final destination.

The company pictures a fleet of these space trucks permanently parked in orbit above the Earth.

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Concept Space Train Could Travel To Mars In Days

A concept spacecraft designed to carry humans and cargo from Earth to Mars in mere days could help mankind colonize the stars, but there’s just one problem: it never stops.

The most expensive part of space is when the craft speeds up and slows down so the space train is designed to keep moving. To reach it, travelers would launch from nearby space stations and catch up to the train in order to board.

The concept vehicle was designed as part of a larger space travel network to help mankind colonize the stars.

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Who Owns The Moon And Can I Buy Land On Mars?

They say real estate is the best investment around and now savvy entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of interplanetary land speculation, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Space Travel is turning into big business and some companies are even starting to launch asteroid mining projects, but that’s not OK with one man who is challenging the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.

The treaty says no nation can claim any celestial body in space, but British Dr. Phil Davies says it’s outdated and unenforceable. He wants the U.N. to seize all exoplanet real estate and hold it in a trust for future generations.

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Asteroid Mining Spacecraft To Chase Down Space Rocks Near Earth

Deep Space Industries, an asteroid mining company, announced plans this week to launch its Prospector spacecraft on the first ever interplanetary mining mission by 2020.

The Prospector-1 satellite will hitch a ride into low Earth orbit aboard a space shuttle and then use its own thrusters to chase down an asteroid.

Then it will use onboard thrusters, which use water as fuel, to orbit the asteroid and map its surface as it searches for ice that later spacecraft can use as fuel.

The mission plays an integral part in the plan to develop a space travel network in low Earth orbit.

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NASA’s Manned Mars Mission Might Not Happen

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover has been on the surface of the red planet for four years, but if a government audit of the space agency is correct it will be a lot longer before a manned mission makes it there.

A recent government audit of NASA showed the space agency was dangerously close to missing budgetary and timeline goals for its Orion crew capsule and its accompanying Space Launch System (SLS).

The trouble stems from the many changing goals Congress has given NASA over the years and the tight budgetary restrictions the space agency is forced to operate under.

The bottom line: there may be no manned Mars mission in 2030.

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New Study Says San Andreas Fault Affected By Moon And Sun Like Ocean Tides

The San Andreas Fault line has been rocking this week with small tremors being felt up and down Central California, but a new study suggests the moon’s gravitational pull could be making things worse.

The study suggests the same gravitational forces that are responsible for creating ocean waves can also move rock and stone.

That’s important for Californians who have been suffering through a series of small quakes that have affected the central part of the state this week.

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