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ISS Time Lapse Video Show Three Hurricanes

High above the Earth in the darkness of outer space, NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured amazing video footage of three hurricanes marching toward land.

ISS camera’s captured video of the two unprecedented storms headed for Hawaii and the massive Hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane’s are rare in Hawaii, but warming ocean waters fueled by climate change have produced the storms headed toward Hawaii.

Residents there stocking up on supplies of food and water.

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For Sale: One International Space Station, NASA Seeks Commercial Buyer

NASA astronauts are going for a walk in space this week to install a new parking spot on the International Space Station, but in just a few years the agency plans to abandon the station.

As more commercial operators enter low Earth orbit the space agency is backing away from the ISS and diverting federal funds to its Journey to Mars planned for the 2030’s.

No word on who will be buying the space station, but the obvious choices would be SpaceX and Boeing although Elon Musk seems more intent on colonizing Mars.

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