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Should We Forget About Saving The Earth From Climate Change And Save Mankind Instead?

The Earth just passed a dangerous global warming benchmark from which there is allegedly no return. Now, some scientists say the planet is already doomed, and for humanity to survive, we need a Plan B.

Philosopher scientists James Lovelock, who established the Gaia theory 30 years ago, argues we should ditch the planet and save humanity.

Instead of focusing worldwide efforts on saving a doomed planet we could make more progress if we focused on preserving the species. If we gave up the idea of living on huge tracts of land, most humans could live inside climate controlled cities while others colonized space.

The most important thing is preserve the continuity of the species.

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New Theory Says Moon Was Created By Planetary Collision

Scientists have been studying moon rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo astronauts for years, but to understand their true place in the universe, researchers needed technology that wasn’t available until recently.

After studying the rocks, researchers discovered the moon is made of material found here on Earth and other alien material that must have come from a celestial body crashing into our planet.

The explosion would have created a massive dust cloud, which eventually coalesced into our moon.

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Queen Reaches For The Stars As Asteroid Named For Freddie Mercury

Thousands of mountain sized rocks float through outer space and occasionally some come near to striking the Earth as they fly through our atmosphere in a fiery blaze of glory known as a shooting star.

Astronomers named one these shooting stars after Queen front man Freddie Mercury on what would have been his 70th birthday.

The asteroid is about 2.2 miles across and hangs out near mercury, according to Queen guitarist Brian May who also holds a doctorate degree in astrophysics.

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The Next Solar Storm Could Destroy Civilization If We Don’t Build A Magnetic Shield

The sun occasionally erupts in solar storms that wreak havoc with electronics here on Earth and the White House has ordered the creation of a disaster plan to protect vital systems from destruction.

A French scientist doesn’t think that will be enough to protect the planet, however, and he’s calling on the spacefaring nations of the world to build a massive magnetic shield.

Solar storms that strike the Earth can knock out the computers and communications equipment we have come to depend on in the modern age.

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SpaceX Rocket Explosion Could Affect Entire Space Industry

A Falcon 9 rocket exploded on its launch pad this week destroying a $200 million satellite and sending SpaceX stock plummeting, but the ripple affects might be felt through the entire space industry.

The destruction of the satellite means Facebook won’t be able to offer free internet to 14 countries in Africa, but the delay during the investigation might be worse.

Several companies were depending on SpaceX to launch their satellites into orbit and NASA was depending on the company to resupply the International Space Station.

The explosion has also spawned a number of alien conspiracy theories with several people claiming the rocket was destroyed by aliens.

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Who Owns The Moon And Can I Buy Land On Mars?

They say real estate is the best investment around and now savvy entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of interplanetary land speculation, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Space Travel is turning into big business and some companies are even starting to launch asteroid mining projects, but that’s not OK with one man who is challenging the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.

The treaty says no nation can claim any celestial body in space, but British Dr. Phil Davies says it’s outdated and unenforceable. He wants the U.N. to seize all exoplanet real estate and hold it in a trust for future generations.

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ISS Time Lapse Video Show Three Hurricanes

High above the Earth in the darkness of outer space, NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured amazing video footage of three hurricanes marching toward land.

ISS camera’s captured video of the two unprecedented storms headed for Hawaii and the massive Hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane’s are rare in Hawaii, but warming ocean waters fueled by climate change have produced the storms headed toward Hawaii.

Residents there stocking up on supplies of food and water.

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Astronomers Spot New Asteroid Mere Hours Before It Zips Past Earth

A previously undiscovered space rock just narrowly missed hitting the Earth as it zoomed by mere hours after astronomers spotted it for the very first time. Saturday night, a 150-foot-long asteroid dubbed 2016 QA2, was spotted approaching Earth, and Sunday morning, it zoomed harmlessly by our planet at less than one-quarter of the distance to the moon.

Although NASA has been tracking thousands of near Earth asteroids to make sure they don’t strike the planet, they haven’t found them all.

This one was roughly twice the size of the asteroid that exploded over Russia in 2013. The asteroid 2016 QA2 wouldn’t have ended civilization if it had hit, but it would have caused significant damage.

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Earth Like World Spotted In Alpha Centauri System

After decades of searching the cosmos for possible Earth-like planets, astronomers have now confirmed the existence of a possible habitable world orbiting the star nearest to us in the universe.

The planet is called Proxima b and it orbits Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star in the Alpha Centauri system about 4.2 light years away.

If life does exist on its surface it is probably very different from that on Earth because its star is very dim.

Scientists still aren’t sure if the planet has an atmosphere, but they have confirmed it’s a rocky Earth like planet that has the possibility of having water on its surface.

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For Sale: One International Space Station, NASA Seeks Commercial Buyer

NASA astronauts are going for a walk in space this week to install a new parking spot on the International Space Station, but in just a few years the agency plans to abandon the station.

As more commercial operators enter low Earth orbit the space agency is backing away from the ISS and diverting federal funds to its Journey to Mars planned for the 2030’s.

No word on who will be buying the space station, but the obvious choices would be SpaceX and Boeing although Elon Musk seems more intent on colonizing Mars.

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