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Scientists Spot Second Star With Possible Dyson Sphere

Out in the far reaches of space there lies an alien star that has been bewildering scientists since early this year because of the strange variations in its brightness levels and its tendency to dim inexplicably.

Now, they’ve found a second star that exhibits the same strange behavior. Months ago researchers floated several theories about why the strange star was dimming, but none of the answers seemed to fit.

Now, they’ve think they’ve find the answer and it has nothing to do with aliens.

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Scientists Spot Possible Habitable World Orbiting Nearby Star

European scientists have discovered a batch of alien worlds out in deep space that could support extra terrestrial life including one orbiting the star closest to our sun.

Astronomers in Europe say they’ve spotted the unnamed planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, which is only 4.25 light years away.

Using Stephen Hawking’s Starshot Breakthrough project, which uses lasers to accelerate wafer thin nanocraft to 30 percent the speed of light, an Earth spacecraft could be there in 15 years.

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