My Portfolio

Here you’ll find a complete portfolio of my work. Many of these stories contain my own published photos as well.

2/15 – present
Online news magazine with 40 million visitors covering entertainment, sports and breaking news across the country and around the world 24 hours a day.

2/14 – 6/14
SF State Student Marketing Team
The marketing team is responsible for advertising for all six divisions underneath the Dean of Students umbrella and can be tasked with providing online and traditional print media tools for campus events. Usually the team consists of 10 members including designers, photographers, videographers and bloggers. 

6/12 – 6/14
News Reporter Intern
n online startup news organization locally owned and operated out of San Francisco fighting to change the media landscape where major news companies are owned by out of town corporations.

9/13 – 12/13
Golden Gate Xpress
tudent newspaper covering San Francisco State University dedicated to providing an independent and accurate news source for 30,000 campus community members.

9/12 – 12/12
Reporter Intern
 smart and funny SF publication that takes journalism seriously, but not too seriously. They’ve delved into city issues, taken on the unions and business interests and also made us laugh with their outrageous blogs.

1/12 – 6/12
USA Today College
Reporter Intern
This edition of USA Today is written for college students by college students and focuses on national issues important to young people.

9/10 – 12/11
The Roundup Newspaper
Editor in Chief
News Editor
The student run newspaper covering Pierce College and its 23,000 students in both online and print editions.

11/10 – 9/12
The Bull Magazine
Contributing Writer
 student run magazine from Pierce College that prides itself on sharing intimate stories of individual awakenings in the San Fernando Valley and beyond.

6/11 – 8/11
The Desert Sun
Reporter Intern
A Gannett news organization covering Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley area. Begun in 1927 publishing free weekly editions, the newspaper is now the leading news source for desert dwellers. 

3/11 – 6/11
Reporter Intern
Ultra local news sites focusing on news events around town and specializing in community specific news and information.

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