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Today’s Republican Leaders Aren’t Made In Ronald Reagan’s Image

Today’s Republican presidential candidates are all to happy to invoke the name of Ronald Reagan in their quest for the White House, but what would the 40th president think about that?

During his time in political office Reagan raised taxes, tripled the national debt, enlarged the government, gave undocumented immigrants citizenship and made it easier to get an abortion.

What he didn’t do was compare himself to others and that’s what the huge field of Republican presidential candidates is doing today when they try to recreate Reagan in their own image.

The Gipper was a statesman who would rather use a parable to teach than a soundbite to get headlines. He was a politician who wasn’t afraid of reaching across party lines to get things done.

“At the end of the day, Reagan had very strong views on issues like tax cuts and military build-up, but on the other hand he was willing to make deals,” University of California Berkeley’s Alan Auerbach told MSNBC. “As much as Reagan criticized the policies of his predecessor and criticized the policies of Democrats, he wasn’t going to shut the government down.”

What Ronald Reagan’s sons think about Donald Trump

Why Reagan would never shutdown the government over Planned Parenthood

Exercise trends in 2015 ditch the gym, focus on full body movement

Physical movement, body weight training, electronic gizmos and personalized classes are just a few of the exercise trends setting the pace in 2015.

We all want to look good and be healthy and more Americans are starting to be concerned with the obesity epidemic sweeping the nation.

There’s nothing better than eating right and healthy living to make your body feel its best.

For those workout guru’s who want to be on the bleeding edge of the latest trend I’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to.


The ability to move athletically is important, which is why weight training just isn’t enough now days. The ability to run, jump and swim is what keeps our muscles limber and our body healthy.

New studies have shown that working out might not be enough for those stuck behind a desk all day, according to Breaking Muscle. A new study found that even desk workers who exercise daily should concentrate on moving regularly throughout the day.

Taking breaks from your work every hour and taking time to stretch and move help prevent back pain and even increase productivity.

Body Weight Training

Forget working out with big clunky weights and focus on the push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups you did as a kid. Working out using just your body is free, can be done anywhere and helps improve strength and movement.

With body weight training the world is your gym, you literally exercise anywhere you happen to be….that is if you don’t mind a few stares.

There are several websites like Global Bodyweight Training that can help newbies break in to this type of exercise.

Electronic Tracking

These days we can monitor electronically monitor everything we do from how much we walk to how well we sleep and while there can sometimes be to much technology in our lives tracking workouts help people achieve goals.

Research shows people who keep track of how much they eat are more likely lose weight. The idea being that we can set a goal and then work toward that goal.

It’s important to note that while those nifty tracking gadgets are cool, all you really need is an exercise diary to record important information.

Personalized Classes

Take two things that are on their way out and combine for today’s new trend. Personal trainers, while really nifty, are expensive; and exercise classes, while again really nifty, tend to put everyone into the same group.

Combine the two and you have exercise classes taught by level of ability, like in martial arts; a white belt would never work out with a black belt, it wouldn’t be fair.

Look for these and other changes coming to a gym near you.

Working out while sick has improved my health

I’ve made going to the gym a priority recently and it’s helped heal my sickness.

I’ve been using InShape’s 29-minute workout that combines switching between strength and cardio stations every 45 seconds for full body exercise.

When I first started working out regularly my cough got in the way, but as I’ve eased into the routine I’ve begun to appreciate the benefits.

I’m 35-years-old and weigh 210 pounds and am recovering from three months worth of pneumonia and so I’ve sworn I’ll never be sick again.

It’s a healthy thing to work out when you have a mild cough, or other symptoms of a cold including a runny nose or the sniffles, according to

A rough or persistent cough or symptoms for longer than two weeks, however, means you should stay home.

By exercising with light to moderate effort I’ve been able to recover a lot of my breath formerly lost to my cough.

Few studies have been done on the effects of exercising when sick and most athletes rely on folk wisdom for the answer; many decide to simply push through the discomfort or scale back their workout temporarily.

One study published a decade ago in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, however, resulted in a strong showing in favor of exercising while sick. Not only was recovery time not hindered by their exercise, but study participants actually felt better after their exercise regime, according to the New York Times.

For those infected with more severe symptoms, however, a doctor’s visit and a break from exercise are in order.

So I’ve enjoyed my workout regime and am making steady progress. Yesterday I was able to rotate through InShape’s entire 29-minute workout without pausing for a cough attack.

A relaxing Ventura getaway

The relaxing beaches of Ventura combined with the lively and historic downtown create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for any traveller to unwind. My fiancé and I just returned from a midweek stay at this beautiful seaside resort community.

Ventura combines the quaint feel of a small town with the benefits of a large city.

We came down for a refreshing midweek stay and were impressed with all the city had to offer. Entranced by the beauty of the ocean waves we quickly fell in love with this remarkable city.

We spent a romantic day whiling the away the hours on the warm sandy beaches and daydreaming about our future together.


Ventura’s historic downtown combines upscale bars and trendy restaurants with museums, spas and bookstores. Visitors can explore the historic mission and stroll through the city’s parks or enjoy the award winning Rubicon Theatre.

After a day playing in the sand a relaxing dinner at an award winning restaurant really hit the spot.

The thriving Ventura Harbor offers visitors the chance to relax dockside over a glass of wine or browse local artwork while the Ventura Pier offers great ocean views which we took full advantage of.


A great place to visit, relax and unwind Ventura is a seaside getaway made for two.

The oilfields of Kern: a photo essay

Like the sound of a train’s steam whistle, the oil rig harkens back to an earlier less complicated age. For those who live in Kern County, however, these oil wells and others like them represent the life blood of the community.

Placed seemingly at random throughout town the ubiquitous rigs are a constant reminder of the area’s dependence on oil. Discovered in 1899 the Kern oilfields are the fifth largest oil producer in the country.

Sick no more

I’ve been sick for the past three months with a dry hacking sometimes-debilitating cough; that’s a quarter of a year and frankly I’m tired of it.

Diagnosed first with bronchitis and then with mycoplasma pneumonia, better known as walking pneumonia, I’ve been prescribed albuterol, promethazine, azithromycin and now levofloxacin.

That’s a whole lot of medicine I’m not used to taking and I’m not happy about it.

So I’ve decided not to be sick any more, not ever, and in order to accomplish that goal I’ve been forced to make some changes in my life.

Luckily I’ve fallen into a job I can do sitting down, that of a freelance writer, so I won’t be wearing myself out taking an eight hour walk at my old retail job.

That’s the good news. The bad news is my other habits aren’t so easily taken care of.

First, I’ve quit smoking after 18 years. Yay for me


The second big change I’ve made is improving my diet. I’ve dropped all fast, fried and greasy food and switched to a healthy diet plan that improves my metabolism and nutrition intake.

8 glasses of water a day

Breakfast consisting of either eggs, turkey bacon and toast with orange juice OR oatmeal with juice

Fruit or a protein shake as a healthy snack

A light lunch with a protein

Fruit or a protein shake as a healthy snack

A sensible dinner involving a small amount of protein and a vegetable


Along with joining a gym I’ve also vowed to visit and use that gym at least three days a week. I’ll start out slowly with light workouts and gradually work up to four and five days a week with harder workouts.

Mixing both weight and cardio workouts together will strengthen my body and allow for physical improvement.


I’m 35-years-old standing 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 210 pounds.


Follow me as I track my progress and provide updates as to my status and how well my diet and exercise regimes are working.


Changing the face of journalism


The Internet is changing the face of journalism and the way modern news organizations conduct business, but what’s unclear is how the industry will look in the future.

What is clear is that the traditional model of print media is dead or dying and news organizations must evolve if they’re going to survive.

The rise of citizen journalists and the accessibility allowed by the web has made it difficult for traditional print media to make a profit, but what hasn’t changed is the public’s need for news.

The average reader now has access to so many different news sources that it’s difficult for any one organization to claim priority in the public’s mind.

That’s why organizations are now evolving to educate readers about the news as well as inform them of important events. Expert and informed commentary has become increasingly important as media groups vie for dominance in the public eye.

The model of the unbiased reporter with the, “just the facts ma’am,” attitude has become a thing of the past. It’s no longer good enough to simply inform the public, now journalists must also analyze the story, dissect events and predict future trends to remain relevant to an increasingly informed public.

Journalists must also use many of the new tools made available to them with the rise of technology. It’s no longer good enough to simply write the news, now reporters need to capture the event on video, film or sound bite while tweeting out details and taking notes for a longer story.

The tools of the modern age may have challenged traditional media organizations, but they’ve also created a more informed readership, which in turn has demanded more from their news outlets.

Staying healthy is worth more than gold

Healthy, wealthy and wise

The old saying that there’s nothing more important than our health is still true today, but unfortunately many people don’t realize it until they’re sick.

Most of us only stop and pay attention to our health when our bodies break down and aren’t able to perform the normal everyday tasks we all take for granted.

Obesity is one major health threat and more than one third of adults in America are considered obese, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This puts them at risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer as well as costing an estimated $147 billion in additional health care costs.

If you’re trying to drop the excess pounds it pays to listen to the experts so I’ve scoured the Internet looking for a few good tips so you don’t have to.

Go slow

Healthy living is a lifestyle; it’s a marathon not a sprint. Important lifestyle changes can help keep the pounds off while fad diets or programs rarely achieve lasting results so go slow and make permanent changes that will last over time. Remember it’s not healthy to lose more than two pounds a week.

Have fun when you exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, and health experts recommend at least 150 minutes of cardio every week with at least two days of strength training. Sometimes, however, we’re just not in the mood to workout, which is why it pays to have fun. Visit a gym and hire a personal trainer, grab a workout buddy or join a sports team. It doesn’t matter what type of physical activity you engage in as long as you keep at it and we are all more likely to do something if we enjoy it.

Stay Hydrated

Your body isn’t 60 percent Gatorade, or beer for that matter. It’s important to stay hydrated to stay healthy; and health experts recommend drinking plenty of water. Although there are many different formulas out there telling you how much to drink the old rule of thumb of eight glasses of water a day still rings true. Also drinking two cups of water before every meal will help your body metabolize your food faster resulting in less fat being added to your midsection.

Eat healthy

Again, for the best results don’t waste time with fad diets, but instead make lasting changes that you can stick to over time. One simple way to modify your eating habits is to eat less. Simply eat what you normally eat, but shrink your portions. Also snacking through the day will keep our metabolism high.

If the going gets tough remember this quote by Josh Billings: “Health is like money, we never have a true ideas of its value until we lose it.”

A journalist’s opinion or how I see the world

A journalist’s opinion or how I see the world

I learned the inverted pyramid structure in school but my real education began when I covered a triple homicide during one of my first internships in Palm Springs where I worked as a general assignment reporter.

Hello world, my name is Coburn Palmer and I’m a media specialist writing this blog to philosophize about the nature of life and the world at large.

My training as a journalist at San Francisco State University and Pierce College taught me to be objective in my storytelling while still writing entertaining copy and my experience in advertising taught me to make those stories sensational.

Managing the marketing team for my University allowed me to utilize my classic journalism abilities in a new form.

All this time spent writing has led to a desire to launch my own platform for my work; and so it’s my goal to write three posts a week on this blog. Subjects will range from personal anecdotes to news stories to philosophical ramblings, but will hopefully always be entertaining.

As an aspiring fiction author I read everything not nailed down, but I especially enjoy military sci-fiction. I’m also an avid movie goer and TV watcher and would desperately like someone to continue making the TV series Firefly.

A true Californian, I was born in San Jose and raised in Merced; I like to say I’m from San Diego because I spent 10 years there, but I’ve also spent time in Redding and Salinas. I just graduated from college in San Francisco after transferring from Los Angeles and I currently reside in Bakersfield.

Before returning to college at the age of 29 to complete my degree I managed car washes, gas stations and truck stops in Southern California where I regularly managed crews numbering between 30 to 50 employees.

Thank you for reading and please engage with me at any point you feel comfortable doing so; I look forward to your questions and comments.