About Me

An experienced news man, Coburn Palmer has written national, state and local news for eight different news outlets including the USA Today and SF Weekly. A graduate from the San Francisco State University school of Journalism he has experience covering government, crime and neighborhood beats. Coburn has been a leader of award winning newsrooms and has also won several personal awards for outstanding articles.

My name is Coburn Palmer and I’m a media specialist.

I learned the inverted pyramid structure in college, but my real education began with one of my first internships when I covered a triple homicide in Palm Springs. Later, my skills in promoting news and events through social and traditional print media allowed me to successfully manage my university’s marketing team.

A true Californian, I was born in San Jose and raised in Merced; I like to say I’m from San Diego because I spent 10 years there, but I’ve also spent time in Redding and Salinas. I just graduated from college in San Francisco after transferring from Los Angeles and I currently reside in Bakersfield.

Before returning to college at the age of 29 to complete my degree I managed car washes, gas stations and truck stops in Southern California where I regularly worked with crews numbering between 30 to 50 employees.

As an aspiring fiction author I read everything not nailed down, but I especially enjoy military sci-fiction. I’m also an avid movie goer and TV watcher and would desperately like someone to continue making the TV series Firefly.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Mr. Coburn,

    Nice reality check on colonizing Mars. You don’t seem to be afraid to butcher a sacred cow or two. Want to try your hand on the logics of our nascent Planetary Defense program?

    A Million Miles A Day
    R. Dale Brownfield
    Gaiashield Group:
    The Falling Stars War:
    Agency Delegation:


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