Would You Donate Money To Help A Woman Become A Catholic Nun?

One New York woman was denied entry into a Catholic convent this month because she owed $18,000 in student loans.

A 28-year-old Broadway fashion designer, Alida Taylor, was told she needed to pay her debt first because nuns aren’t paid a salary or a stipend and they don’t work second jobs.

Taylor had originally planned on paying her student loans off slowly over the next 10 years, but now she wanted to follow her religious calling, which meant she would have to pay them off sooner.

She started a GoFundMe campaign with the hopes of earning enough money to pay her debts before the convents September deadline this year.

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2 thoughts on “Would You Donate Money To Help A Woman Become A Catholic Nun?”

    1. My thoughts are similar. I never expected to be called to religious life, but now that I am applying to a convent, I refuse to fundraise for my student loans. I was fully aware of my obligation to pay them off when I took them out and accepting my call to religious life doesn’t suddenly make me less responsible for the payments. I’ve concluded, after prayer and discussions with a trusted clergyman, to accept freewill donations if offered without prompting but to focus on finding a job to pay them down myself.


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