Today’s Republican Leaders Aren’t Made In Ronald Reagan’s Image

Today’s Republican presidential candidates are all to happy to invoke the name of Ronald Reagan in their quest for the White House, but what would the 40th president think about that?

During his time in political office Reagan raised taxes, tripled the national debt, enlarged the government, gave undocumented immigrants citizenship and made it easier to get an abortion.

What he didn’t do was compare himself to others and that’s what the huge field of Republican presidential candidates is doing today when they try to recreate Reagan in their own image.

The Gipper was a statesman who would rather use a parable to teach than a soundbite to get headlines. He was a politician who wasn’t afraid of reaching across party lines to get things done.

“At the end of the day, Reagan had very strong views on issues like tax cuts and military build-up, but on the other hand he was willing to make deals,” University of California Berkeley’s Alan Auerbach told MSNBC. “As much as Reagan criticized the policies of his predecessor and criticized the policies of Democrats, he wasn’t going to shut the government down.”

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