Exercise trends in 2015 ditch the gym, focus on full body movement

Physical movement, body weight training, electronic gizmos and personalized classes are just a few of the exercise trends setting the pace in 2015.

We all want to look good and be healthy and more Americans are starting to be concerned with the obesity epidemic sweeping the nation.

There’s nothing better than eating right and healthy living to make your body feel its best.

For those workout guru’s who want to be on the bleeding edge of the latest trend I’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to.


The ability to move athletically is important, which is why weight training just isn’t enough now days. The ability to run, jump and swim is what keeps our muscles limber and our body healthy.

New studies have shown that working out might not be enough for those stuck behind a desk all day, according to Breaking Muscle. A new study found that even desk workers who exercise daily should concentrate on moving regularly throughout the day.

Taking breaks from your work every hour and taking time to stretch and move help prevent back pain and even increase productivity.

Body Weight Training

Forget working out with big clunky weights and focus on the push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups you did as a kid. Working out using just your body is free, can be done anywhere and helps improve strength and movement.

With body weight training the world is your gym, you literally exercise anywhere you happen to be….that is if you don’t mind a few stares.

There are several websites like Global Bodyweight Training that can help newbies break in to this type of exercise.

Electronic Tracking

These days we can monitor electronically monitor everything we do from how much we walk to how well we sleep and while there can sometimes be to much technology in our lives tracking workouts help people achieve goals.

Research shows people who keep track of how much they eat are more likely lose weight. The idea being that we can set a goal and then work toward that goal.

It’s important to note that while those nifty tracking gadgets are cool, all you really need is an exercise diary to record important information.

Personalized Classes

Take two things that are on their way out and combine for today’s new trend. Personal trainers, while really nifty, are expensive; and exercise classes, while again really nifty, tend to put everyone into the same group.

Combine the two and you have exercise classes taught by level of ability, like in martial arts; a white belt would never work out with a black belt, it wouldn’t be fair.

Look for these and other changes coming to a gym near you.


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