Working out while sick has improved my health

I’ve made going to the gym a priority recently and it’s helped heal my sickness.

I’ve been using InShape’s 29-minute workout that combines switching between strength and cardio stations every 45 seconds for full body exercise.

When I first started working out regularly my cough got in the way, but as I’ve eased into the routine I’ve begun to appreciate the benefits.

I’m 35-years-old and weigh 210 pounds and am recovering from three months worth of pneumonia and so I’ve sworn I’ll never be sick again.

It’s a healthy thing to work out when you have a mild cough, or other symptoms of a cold including a runny nose or the sniffles, according to

A rough or persistent cough or symptoms for longer than two weeks, however, means you should stay home.

By exercising with light to moderate effort I’ve been able to recover a lot of my breath formerly lost to my cough.

Few studies have been done on the effects of exercising when sick and most athletes rely on folk wisdom for the answer; many decide to simply push through the discomfort or scale back their workout temporarily.

One study published a decade ago in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, however, resulted in a strong showing in favor of exercising while sick. Not only was recovery time not hindered by their exercise, but study participants actually felt better after their exercise regime, according to the New York Times.

For those infected with more severe symptoms, however, a doctor’s visit and a break from exercise are in order.

So I’ve enjoyed my workout regime and am making steady progress. Yesterday I was able to rotate through InShape’s entire 29-minute workout without pausing for a cough attack.


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