Changing the face of journalism


The Internet is changing the face of journalism and the way modern news organizations conduct business, but what’s unclear is how the industry will look in the future.

What is clear is that the traditional model of print media is dead or dying and news organizations must evolve if they’re going to survive.

The rise of citizen journalists and the accessibility allowed by the web has made it difficult for traditional print media to make a profit, but what hasn’t changed is the public’s need for news.

The average reader now has access to so many different news sources that it’s difficult for any one organization to claim priority in the public’s mind.

That’s why organizations are now evolving to educate readers about the news as well as inform them of important events. Expert and informed commentary has become increasingly important as media groups vie for dominance in the public eye.

The model of the unbiased reporter with the, “just the facts ma’am,” attitude has become a thing of the past. It’s no longer good enough to simply inform the public, now journalists must also analyze the story, dissect events and predict future trends to remain relevant to an increasingly informed public.

Journalists must also use many of the new tools made available to them with the rise of technology. It’s no longer good enough to simply write the news, now reporters need to capture the event on video, film or sound bite while tweeting out details and taking notes for a longer story.

The tools of the modern age may have challenged traditional media organizations, but they’ve also created a more informed readership, which in turn has demanded more from their news outlets.


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