A journalist’s opinion or how I see the world

A journalist’s opinion or how I see the world

I learned the inverted pyramid structure in school but my real education began when I covered a triple homicide during one of my first internships in Palm Springs where I worked as a general assignment reporter.

Hello world, my name is Coburn Palmer and I’m a media specialist writing this blog to philosophize about the nature of life and the world at large.

My training as a journalist at San Francisco State University and Pierce College taught me to be objective in my storytelling while still writing entertaining copy and my experience in advertising taught me to make those stories sensational.

Managing the marketing team for my University allowed me to utilize my classic journalism abilities in a new form.

All this time spent writing has led to a desire to launch my own platform for my work; and so it’s my goal to write three posts a week on this blog. Subjects will range from personal anecdotes to news stories to philosophical ramblings, but will hopefully always be entertaining.

As an aspiring fiction author I read everything not nailed down, but I especially enjoy military sci-fiction. I’m also an avid movie goer and TV watcher and would desperately like someone to continue making the TV series Firefly.

A true Californian, I was born in San Jose and raised in Merced; I like to say I’m from San Diego because I spent 10 years there, but I’ve also spent time in Redding and Salinas. I just graduated from college in San Francisco after transferring from Los Angeles and I currently reside in Bakersfield.

Before returning to college at the age of 29 to complete my degree I managed car washes, gas stations and truck stops in Southern California where I regularly managed crews numbering between 30 to 50 employees.

Thank you for reading and please engage with me at any point you feel comfortable doing so; I look forward to your questions and comments.


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