Volunteers lend hand, shade to Indio dog kennel

Volunteers lend hand, shade to Indio dog kennel

The Desert Sun – Palm Springs, Calif.

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The Desert Sun

Dogs at the Animal Care Center of Indio will get relief from the sun after volunteers donated their time and money to build shade awnings over four rows of outdoor kennels.

“For years, the dogs in the outdoor kennels have been exposed to the outside elements and haven’t been protected effectively,” said Lori Kirshner, president of Desert Paws and host of the “Animals Today” radio show.

Volunteers from the local nonprofit group Lend A Paw donated labor to build 2,400 square feet of awnings, starting July 27 and finishing Wednesday.

Two other local nonprofit animal welfare agencies offered up the $8,000 for materials. Desert Paws had a garage sale and garnered private donations to raise $4,500. Animal Outreach contributed the remaining $3,500.

The shelter, which has room for 150 animals, has air-conditioned indoor and outdoor kennels, said Ben Guitron, spokesman for the Indio Police Department, whose animal control officers run the shelter.

The outdoor kennels have misters and some coverage, he said.

Susan Coyle, president of Lend a Paw, said in the future she hopes to work with the city to get cooling fans for the dogs.

“When people are more respectful towards animals, they are better citizens,” Kirshner said.

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