Is It Possible To Explore Newly Discovered Earth Like World?

Astronomers have discovered a possible Earth like world called Proxima b in the Alpha Centauri system and Stephen Hawking’s Starshot probes may go fast enough to cover the distance, but they might not survive the journey.

The probes are wafer thin and come equipped with a light sail that can catch a light beam shot from Earth to reach one fifth the speed of light.

The problem is that when you travel that fast even a speck of dust can be a problem. Traveling through gas is easier on the probe than dust; a large speck of dust could destroy the whole thing, but even if that doesn’t happen scientists expect 30 percent of the nanocraft to be destroyed.

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Video Showing Fake Human Sacrifice On CERN Property Prompts Security Investigation

Researchers working on the Large Hadron Collider have been caught on video acting out a fake ceremony involving human sacrifice on the grounds of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

The video shows people in black robes walking around a Hindu statue of Shiva the Destroyer as a woman kneels down and is stabbed.

It’s fake, but the fact that it was filmed on the same property as the Hadron Collider has CERN officials worried about security.

The video has strong language and can be seen here.

The Police Standoff No One Is Talking About: Native Americans In North Dakota Face Down Cops

For about a week, hundreds of Native Americans have been facing down police in North Dakota in an attempt to halt construction of a pipeline slated to run through land they consider sacred.

Although protests against the pipeline began months ago tensions ratcheted up last week when the company decided to begin construction ahead of a court date later this month.

The pipeline would run more than 1,100 miles through land the Native Americans consider sacred as well as under 209 rivers and lakes.

If there was a breach in the pipeline, the drinking water of millions of Americans could be affected.

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Eight Wildfires Burning Through California Force 100,000 From Their Homes

An out of control California wildfire raging near Los Angeles has sparked fire tornadoes that have scorched 30,000 acres and forced 82,000 people to flee their homes and firefighters say the situation will get worse.

There are at least seven other wildfires blazing their way through California including the Sobranes fire in Monterey County that has been burning since July 22.

Scientists say California hasn’t been this dry for 500 years and they fear summer fires and the accompanying smoke may be the new normal for the state.

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Watch The Impromptu Live ‘Rick And Morty’ Episode

The creators of Rick and Morty announced the return of their animated science fiction series with an impromptu four-minute mini episode that hints at events in Season 3 and suggests an upcoming movie.

Showrunners confirmed Rick and Morty will be back, but not until the end of 2016. That’s because animators have had difficulty keeping up with the show’s “retroscripting,” in which the actors are given an outline of an episode, improv the scenes and give the result to the animators who put it all together.

Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland assure us the show will return with Season 3, which is guaranteed to be the most “epic so far.”

Until then,  Watch the live episode

SpaceX Offering Small Satellite Companies A Lift Into Orbit With Ride-Sharing Rockets

Sometimes it’s hard for the little guy to get into orbit and that’s where SpaceX comes in.

SpaceX is selling ride-sharing space on its Falcon rockets and next year they plan on lifting 20 different spacecraft into orbit above Earth.

The rise in the small satellite market is helping SpaceX finance their mission to Mars, but its also creating a cry for a global space traffic control system.

As the private space transportation industry continues to expand the area known as low Earth orbit is quickly filling up with satellites and other spacecraft.

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NASA Needs Deep Space Habitats For Manned Mars Mission

NASA contracted six companies to design deep space habitats capable of housing astronauts during long-haul missions to Mars and beyond this week.

The habitats will be built here on Earth where NASA can test them to make sure they meet the needs of astronauts in deep space. Eventually they’ll be deployed on the moon and then later on Mars.

The project totals $65 million and is part of NASA’s private-public partnership Next-STEP.

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Contaminated Water Found In 33 States Across The Country

More than six million Americans across 33 states are drinking water laced with unsafe levels of poisonous chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems, according to a new Harvard study released on Tuesday.

The study details how industrial sites have been contaminating ground water supplies with harmful chemicals for the last 60 years.

The most affected states are (in order): California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

The news comes on the heels of the water crisis in Flint where thousands of children were exposed to water laced with lead.

Find out if your water is contaminated

Leaked Documents Show Alcohol Industry Doesn’t Want Legal Weed

WikiLeaks made headlines recently when it leaked documents showing the Democratic National Convention favored Clinton over Sanders, but buried in the mounds of paperwork was another document dealing with marijuana legalization and the alcohol industry.

He found an ad placed by an alcohol industry giant that detailed the retailer’s problems with legalized weed, namely a lack of profits from those drinkers who would rather smoke weed if it was legal.

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NASA Worried Earth Microbes Will Infect Alien Life On Mars

The spacefaring nations of the world plan to send at least five robotic missions to Mars in the next five years, and eventually begin colonization of the red planet, but the alien life already there may complicate matters.

NASA is worried about infecting Mars with microbes from Earth that hitch a ride on visiting spacecraft and manage to live through the vacuum of space.

That’s why the space agency has hired a planetary protection officer to make sure NASA astronauts don’t accidentally kill off alien life on Mars.

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